back pain home remedies

Today there are many people who are upset with the back pain complaints. It is in the lower part of the waist, so it is also called low back pain. In the case of low back pain, there may be pain and swelling in the lower part of the waist. People often have back pain in the back pain every morning or evening. There is a problem with walking and rising up in this problem. Some people complain about swelling in the ankles and flesh muscles with waist pain. Some have weaknesses, then there is also a complaint of having a headache in the urine as well as urine. Actually, the main reason for this problem may be due to sitting for long or standing, working, weakness of the body, unintended lifestyle, sleep on soft asses and lifting heavy weight at the office or home. Apart from this, patients with diabetes or hypertension also have waist pains. Let us now talk about the home remedies for back pain used in the back pain problem.

Home Remedies For Back Pain


Ginger for back pain
Ginger is thought to be painful like a medicine to get relief in the back pain. The anti-inflammatory compounds present in it bring relief to the low back pain. Add half a teaspoon black pepper, one teaspoon clove powder and one spoonful of ginger powder to its use;

Pantulasi by making herbal teas:

tulsi for back pain
 Boil 8-10 basil leaves in one cup of water and boils until it becomes boiled half. Now after cooling it, add a pinch of salt and drink it daily. This will help to get relief for long periods of waist pain. 

Ice packs:

ice cube for back pain
The cold catch of ice is one of the effective measures to reduce pain and swelling. So when you are feeling pain in the waist, do it with ice, it will also numb the part for a while and you will feel comfortable. Or, bite the ice and put it in a cloth and keep it in a painless place for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this so repeat every two hours. You will soon feel relief from pain.


milk for back pain
 Milk is a source of calcium that helps in strengthening bones and muscles. Due to the lack of calcium in the body, there is also a problem of back pain. Therefore, take regular milk intake. And if you feel the need for sweet then drink honey and drink it.


yoga for back pain
Yoga is beneficial for keeping the body fit and getting rid of stress. Regularly taking yoga every morning, the problems of back pain are overcome. You can also do Puenmuktasan, Hastapadassan, Sudhanshu, Hathapadasan, Sudhasan, and Bhujangasan and Dhanurasan in Yoga.


massage for back pain
Massage Therapy is beneficial in Lumbar Back Pain. One study has also been made clear that massage is effective in treating lumbar back pain. The people who have massages have received great relief in 10 weeks.