Suits Cast

Suits Cast Needing a partner, big-time Manhattan corporate attorney Harvey Specter contracts the main person who inspires him - school dropout Mike Ross. The way that Ross isn't really a legal counselor isn't lost on Specter, who trusts his new right-hand man is a legitimate wonder with the book smarts of a Harvard.


Suits Cast


Suits Cast


  1. Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett

  2. Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler

  3. Dulé Hill as Alex Williams

  4. Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

  5. Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen

  6. Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane

  7. Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt

  8. Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

  9. Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross


  1. Bruce McGill as Stanley Gordon

  2. Ray Proscia as Dr. Lipschitz

  3. Jake Epstein as Brian Altman

  4. Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Oliver Grady

  5. Peter Cambor as Nathan

  6. Carly Pope as Tara Messer

  7. Alan Rosenberg as William Sutter

  8. Ian Reed Kesler as Stu Buzzini

  9. Glenn Plummer as Leonard Bailey

  10. Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Julius Rowe

  11. Erik Palladino as Kevin Mille

  12. Paul Schulze as Frank Gallo

  13. Farid Yazdani as David Green

  14. .Leslie Hope as Anita Gibbs

  15. Billy Miller as Marcus Specter

  16. .John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff

  17. Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinski

  18. .Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard

  19. Neal McDonough as Sean Cahill

  20. Brendan Hines as Logan Sanders

  21. D. B. Woodside as Jeff Malone

  22. .Eric Roberts as Charles Forstman
    23.Željko Ivanek as Eric Woodall
    24.Brandon Firla as Jonathan Sidwell
    25.Michelle Fairley as Ava Hessington
    26.Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane
    27.Diane Neal as Allison Holt
    28.Rachael Harris as Sheila Sazs
    29.Max Beesley as Stephen Huntley:
    30.Adam Godley as Nigel Nesbitt
    31.Conleth Hill as Edward Darby:
    32.Gary Cole as Cameron Dennis
    33.Eric Close as Travis Tanner
    34.Vanessa Ray as Jenny Griffith
    35.Tom Lipinski as Trevor Evans
    36.Abigail Spencer as Dana
    37.David Reale as Benjamin
    38.Pooch Hall as Jimmy Kirkwood
    39.Max Topplin as Harold Gunderson
    40.David Costabile as Daniel Hardman
    41.Rebecca Schull as Edith Ross

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