Well ,Aaron Boone decision that was abnormal. Goodness, beyond any doubt, Sonny Gray stunk again Saturday night, neglecting to escape the fourth inning in the Yankees' 11-4 misfortune to the Angels at Yankee Stadium. With a 5.98 ERA, with traversing five innings in just 50% of his 10 begins, with blending with Austin Romaine as a cure to what afflicts him long behind us, the right-handed has progressed toward becoming Exhibit A for why the Yankees must gain another beginning pitcher by July 31. We'll have bounty more opportunity to address that subject, nonetheless. What left my head turning on this night was the Yankees' choice to let Mike Trout, the best baseball player on the planet, beat them.

That everything unwound from that point diminished the blow of the individual choice to follow Trout. By the by, it remained as the amusement's defining moment. In the event that Gray had gotten away from that inning with a lead, if his stuff was in the same class as he and Aaron Boone purported, possibly he would've held tight and things would've finished in an unexpected way.

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Trout entered the night with very little accomplishment against Gray, his long-lasting AL West enemy in Oakland. In 34 at-bats versus Gray, Trout had overseen just seven hits, including three homers.

Inquired as to whether he contemplated giving Trout a free pass, Boone stated, "Thought, no doubt. Yet, I just felt like by then in the fourth inning, beginning to turn the lineup over again and in the event that we walk him, he's most likely on second [on a stolen base]. So we're essentially, by then, putting the thumbs up keep running on second. So not by any stretch of the imagination. Had we gone to 3-0 or something, we would have put him on. In any case, generally, no."

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